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Mathieu Leclerc – Montreal to Luxembourg

Departing from Montreal for a new adventure! The PC12 N221YY is fresh out of maintenance and ready for a transatlantic flight (just like me). Our first stop is in Goose Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. Even if it is our first stop, I never been that far north. It was actually snowing (11th of May) the night … Continue reading

Mathieu Leclerc – April 26th to May 3rd

Today‚Äôs plan is to go from Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) to Providentiales (Turk and Caicos) where the end of the rally will take place. We had to separate into two buses that went through the mountains from Constanza to get to our planes in Santo Domingo. I was lucky to be in the first bus … Continue reading

Anthony Lebailly – April 26th: Constanza – Providenciales

Last morning in Constanza. We return in the direction of Santo Domingo to go to Providenciales our final destination for today and the end of the International Air Rally. As every morning, weather briefing. This morning the weather briefing we announced a very bad weather for flying. We will have very low clouds about 500ft … Continue reading

Anthony Lebailly – April 25th: Constanza

This day is spent visiting the town of Constanza and ride in truck to go see the waterfalls that are located in the mountains. The people of this region are very welcoming. With of low clouds and the altitude, it is a wet region where vegetation is abundant. It’s very nice to see … The … Continue reading

Anthony Lebailly – April 24th: Santo Domingo – Constanza

Hello everybody. Briefing this morning at the hotel. The flight to Constanza will surely be canceled. The clouds are low and the airport is at 3900ft above the sea. The luggage are packed and we are in direction to the airport. At the airport, we meet the Director of Civil Aviation of the Dominican Republic … Continue reading

Anthony Lebailly – April 23rd: Martinique – Punta Cana – Santo Domingo

The stay in France ends, a few more minutes and we will be leaving for the Dominican Republic. Today the weather is nice. We may have to weather from the Dominican Republic with a ceiling at 1000ft The plan for this flight is to go directly to Punta Cana, I’ll not be following the Islands. … Continue reading

Lara Harmon – End Note

  At the onset, the Governor General’s Cup Air Rally seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity. After this experience I hope that is not the case. For me, this trip was about gaining international flight experience, seeing places I had never been, meeting new people, and I hope to have many more adventures … Continue reading

Lara Harmon – April 26th

We woke up early this morning and travelled back to Santo Domingo by bus through the twisty turny mountain road. what would be a 45 min flight took almost 3 hours by . This leg of the trip we nicknamed the International Bus Rally, since we spent more time in buses than aircraft the past … Continue reading

Mathieu Leclerc – April 20th to 25th

The trip Grenada to Martinique is the shortest leg we had during the rally up to now. It took us only two hours. We had some troubles to get out of Grenada because when we called the ground they said that they didn’t had our flight plan that we had previously faxed in Martinique. We … Continue reading

Anthony Lebailly – April 21st and 22nd: Martinique

Saturday, 21 April, 2012 Yesterday I did not give signs of life because of busy schedule on the island. At 8 am, we had a first appointment with television TVA sport at the airport in Martinique. We shot some scenes in and around my plane. It was a bit stressful to be filmed but not … Continue reading