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Meet the pilots and crews


The Rally is a place where great people meet and make new friends. The 5th edition of the Caribbean Air Rally was one of the most dynamic, action packed ever !!. The participants this year were ready for pretty much everything !


Michael and Tera  from Williamsport, PA, USA flying a Cirrus- SR 22 . Third time participants of the Caribbean Air Rally. Michael co-founded fast-growing pilot club in Williamsport, PA

They say that the Rally destinations are only exceeded by the company of their fellow flyers!

Seen here attending San Salvador mass



Darrell and Lucia from Ventura , CA. USA ( far right on the picture) both pilots, they fly their BA33 extensively in Mexico and Central America helping doctors reach rural and remote clinics

Burt & Maria Kincardine, ON cessna C-182 (middle sitting next to Lucia and Darrell. a wonderful couple who dared the adventure of the Caribbean. They live on  farm  near Lake Huron. It was the first time they ventured outside of Canada.

Seen here sitting where Christopher Columbus landed (San Salvador land Fall) with Michael & Tera, Brian and Raj.



Brian & Sherry  from Georgetown, Prince Edward Island flying a Cessna 340A. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Second Rally timers. Brian is the president of the PEI Flying Association and COPA Flight 57. Brian has been pretty much all over Canada. Sherry and Brian celebrated their  45th  Wedding Anniversary with this Caribbean adventure and lots of new friends !!!

Here in Terrenas DR. on the Quad excursion


Brian & Susan Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

2014-04-05 @19-01-39 #001


Wonderful couple. Brian flies a Lake back home and is involved with the Moncton Flight academy. Susan takes part in many fundraising activities to help kids.

Here on San Salvador beach

Donald and Patricia,  from Encino, California – Cessna T 210

Don & Pat DSCN3767 (2)

Pat and Don are an incredible pair.  They do not hesitate to jump onboard any kind of adventure no matter how far it takes them. They have participated to numerous rallies since 2005. The Cree Challenge–Diamond Challenge- Challenge of the Flags – McKenzie River Challenge. 2010 & 2013 Caribbean Air Challenge – Don is a lucky man! Pat is always ready to go ! They both organised a couple of group flights to Alaska for members of their Flying Club – Pat and Don make great friends every year during the air rally.

Don says: never seen so many nice people at the same place at the same time !!!

Richard and Trisha, Scottsdale, Arizona USA.


They fly a Baron B55Richard just “retired”. Means that now he will work harder at doing things he enjoys most while Trisha is running her own business and travels across the US.

Richard is the Flight Formation Expert,Bonanza society Staff member and Baron group leader for 6 years.

Richard holds FFI certification as a Lead and Wing pilot  and has twice flown in the B2Osh Bonanza/Baron Formation Showcase flight at EAA Airventure. Richard is also Director of the Deer Valley Pilot’s Association, a FAASTeam representative, a member of the Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group, and a member of EAA Chapter 538 here in the valley. This is his  third trip with the Caribbean Air Rally, and Trisha’s first. Richard accepted to be Ben’s Mentor during the air rally (middle) and to take Frank (right), the documentary director onboard for the entire rally.

Raj  & Avni, and children Anisha & Roshan from Princeton, New Jersey flying Beech F33A 


What a nice family !!! too bad Avni and the kids only joined us in Martinique. Raj has participated to 4 Caribbean Air Rallies. This is the first time he joined with his family. RAj is a member of the Princeton Flying Club.

 David & Lynn, Burlington Ontario, flying Lake 250 Renegade.


David and Lynn decided that the Caribbean Air Rally  would be a great adventurous way to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary! A wonderful couple who had just one thing in mind ENJOY EVERY MOMENT. Onboard the lake 250 they experienced the Caribbean like few of us could at 300 ft (maybe less??) over water clear blue water.


James (R) & Gerald (L), flying PA24, both from Michigan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWere introduced to the Caribbean Air Rally by their friend, David (Middle) Air Rally Organizing Committee member. Jerry has both instrument and multi-engine ratings.  Jim has been flying for 32 years and has an instrument rating. Like Sam and David, they are  members of the MANG Flying Club based at  Detroit Willow Run Airport.It was for them THE BIG TRIP. Wonderfull guys !!! Loved to have them onboard !

Here having a beer at the hotel in Terrenas with David

  Peter (R), Vermont,   Diamond DA42   & Thomas (L), Michigan


Peter has participated in two Canadian & two Caribbean air rallies onboard very different types of planes. Peter is a multiengine land and sea, Helicopter, Glider pilot and holds an ATP rating but his favorite hobby is Soaring. He counts over 9000 flying hrs.  Peter flew this Cessna Citation for the last time during the 2013 Air Rally and bought a Diamond DA42 for the 2014 Rally. Thomas, Young commercial and instructor pilot from Michigan and Diamond Twin certified, was the perfect match for Peter. Peter agreed to be Thomas Pilot Mentor so Thomas could enter the program sponsored by Bombardier. Peter and Thomas enjoyed their experience very much.

Here attending pilot briefing in Fort Lauderdale, Banyan

Marc & Cher North Bay, Ontario Beech Bonanza BE36


Marc has always been very involved in Canadian aviation through various functions: Director of Canadian Owner and Pilot Association (North Bay Chapter) Member of Canadian Search and Rescue and organizing Committee member of the Canadian Inter-Provincial Air Rally taking place every year (Ontario-Quebec). Marc participated to three Canadian Air Rallies and this was his first Caribbean Air Rally. Marc and his son wan the 2003 Air Rally (first edition), Marc was part of the organizing committee in 2005, filmed for  TSN. Cher, enjoys flying and meeting different people. Marc is also very familiar with Flight formation. Seen here performing flight formation over Nevis with Richard and Steve/David and Matthew.

Sam & Donna from Michigan.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASam flies a Cessna C182. He also was inspired to join when he heard David and Steve (Air Rally committee members from Mi.) Caribbean rally stories. We see Sam here (left of Marc) at the Martinique airport. Donna is in the background walking with Cher .

Seen here on Martinique Tarmac before taking off to Antigua

John & Jennifer  Cirrus SR 22 Caledon, OntarioIMG_6729

John & Jennifer joined the group and flew as far as San Salvador. Unfortunately they received the very sad news that John’s father had passed away. We lost a wonderful couple who had already made so many friends. They will be back next year… here we see Jennifer receiving the prize for the San Salvador  photo hunt.

Raymond, Sue and Sandra, Cessna 182, Wyoming, USA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_MG_0453_MG_0933Ray and Sue are both Wildlife Biologists.  They use their plane primarily to conduct wildlife surveys from Canada to Mexico.  They have both been to all 7 continents, multiple times.    They decided to join to discover islands they had not visited.  Ray’s cousin, Sandra is  also a pilot(signing Rally T-Shirt) and a very special and unique person. Besides being a pilot she is  a professional Sky diver and drives a Harley . Wonderful having you all ! Thank you for choosing the Air Rally to discover some of the very last places you had not yet visited…. Photo left: Sue (L) with friend Susan. Ray (photo above posing during the visit of  St-Lucie)


Matthew & Emily, Cameron & Katrin Greenville South Carolina,  Piper PA-24

2014-04-10 @20-54-45 #001

Matthew wan the first Caribbean Air Rally challenge in 2010. While he was in the Military he was deployed in Iraq & Afghanistan. Matthew is an experienced pilot  and a flight instructor on single and multi engine as well as on rotorcraft gyroplane. Matthew flew the Magni M22 Extended Range on his round the world attempt getting as far as Cambodia. Emily his lovely wife was onboard.

Cameron and Katrin joined as  part of the Franky Film crew.

Photo: Katryn and Cameron on first row, Emily and Matthew second and Brian and Sherry at the end of the table. Here during a supper at the Nisbet Plantation Inn in Nevis.


    David & Steve, Michigan Piper Seneca

sevvvvDavid & Steve have been organising Committee members of the Caribbean Air Rally since the first edition. In 2009 they participated to the Cross Canada challenge. Their high level of professionalism and experience made them the ideal team to lead the Caribbean pilots across islands and borders. David has been instructing for over 20 years. both  CFII – MEI – seaplane and glider ratings….. they are members of the FAASteam safety team and past board members of the Detroit Aviation Safety Counsellors. Presently board member of the Michigan Aviation Association. Also Civil Air Patrol check pilot. Steve holds a rating on 707 & 720. Active Duty, USAF: 1970 to 1975.Reserve Duty USAF in 1977 to 1979.

David and Steve recommended Ben and Thomas for the Pilot Mentor Program Sponsored by BOMBARDIER


The Governor General’s Cup Caribbean Air Challenge is a dream date for young Pilots looking to build valuable time and experience to become professional commercial pilots. The crossing of 7 borders and the familiarization with different regulations, landscape, language and radio communications represent a unique opportunity to improve their skills and gain confidence. Thomas Klotz & Benjamin Lamb from MI. joined two professional Pilot mentors: Peter from Vermont and Richard from Arizona.

Both Ben and Thomas are commercial, Instrument CFI, Multi and high performance rated.




Left to right:

Catherine Tobenas, President International Air Rally and Aviation Connection event coordinator, Steve Weaver, Air Rally team coordinator, Ben, Thomas, Camil Dumont, President Aviation Connection, David Schrader, Air Rally team coordinator.

The 2014 Governor General’s Cup Air Rally was organised in collaboration with the Island of San Salvador & Morton Salt Inagua, Bahamas, Dominican Republic Tourism, Nevis Tourism, Martinique Tourism committee, Antigua Tourism and Antigua hotel & Tourism Association, St-Lucia Tourism and Ports Authority.



















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