Destination: Grenada “The island of Spice”

Our flight to Grenada was direct. Flight time: 1 hour for some 3 hours for others. We arrived shortly after 1 Pm. Received by Simon Steel, director of tourism office, and Nikoyan Roberts Head of Tourism Product Development and Customer Services, Official hosts f the event. Grenada Maurice Bishop airport is a major   international airport providing safe secure and efficient world class airport facilities and services

As we landed we were directed to a section reserved for the participants to the GGC Caribbean Air Challenge.

There, a table filled with Grenada specialty foods and drinks was set for us to enjoy.

I have to say that customs so far , in every island, had been handled with great efficiency to avoid delays.

We checked in at the beautiful Grenada Grand Beach Resort, received by the lady who helped make our visit possible Rleen Redhead, sales manager.

We quickly changed just in time to get on the bus for the dinner theatre at the “Spice Basket” The show was a very good representation of Grenada culture history people and traditions. Beautiful costumes, excellent choreography.

On Thursday, time for a “Full Day Island Tour” provided by Grenada Board of Tourism. We departed at 10 .00 am. The rich tropical vegetation, the colours and fragrances surrounding us, the picturesque villages, filled with life and colourful buildings made  the tour a very enjoyable experience. Picture opportunities where endless, colourful houses, busy towns, beautiful tropical vegetation.

One of the most memorable experiences was the visit to the 1785   “River Antoine Rum Distillery” ,located in the hills of  St. Patrick, north of the island near the beautiful (but treacherous) north east coast.

The distillery is still active and joined in to help the workers load the cane on the trolley taking the load to be crushed to extract the liquid (sugar) out. The remains are then placed on what used to be the islands only railway line, bringing it to the top to dry and used as fertilizer. The extracted liquid is filtered then  flows into the main building, where it is scooped up  from a succession of big metal basins  and then brought to boil. Nothing is wasted!  the liquid  is poured into  tanks to ferment for two days and another 8 days in concrete tanks.

Only then it is ready for distillation. This process has been transmitted through generations without any changes being made in the process. Beware! This potion has 70% alcohol content.

Time for lunch at “Belmont Estate”, in St. Andrew. A very nice exotic opened all around restaurant so we could enjoy the nature surrounding us and the birds inviting themselves to our tables while eating. It was a very enjoyable day.

Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique is a safe, romantic, natural and very authentic destination.   Grenadians are the very ‘Spice’ of the land, with African, French, British and Caribbean heritage. The ‘Rhythms of Spice’ for a lifetime. We discovered on the way the    historic forts,   pristine beaches, meandering rivers, magnificent waterfalls, magical rain forests and Gouyave the “town that prides itself on being the “entertainment capital” Grenada’s primary fishing village. A town with fine houses, glittering bars, attractive nightlife and appealing festivals.

Back at the hotel we took advantage of everything this beautiful resort by the beach had to offer: golf course, three pools, bars, beautiful grounds and pleasant open restaurant.

Grenada is definitely worth to discover. As all the other Caribbean Islands it has its own identity and fascinating landscape and people.

Grenada media was very interested in the group. Camil Dumont and myself were invited to the studio of the local television.

Young pilots, Lara, Anthony and Mathieu were interviewed, leaving the spice theatre.

Stay put for more as we visit the Island of Martinique.

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