Destination: Anguilla

Monday the 15th, we departed Grand Turk for Anguilla around 10 Am

Strong headwinds coming from the east made the flight difficult and slowed down the aircraft. A stop was arranged at the San Juan (175 NM from Anguilla) Isla Grande Signature FBO which provided pilots with free lunch and drinks.

Arrival in Anguilla  was planned for 3 Pm, however the two pilatus PC12 aircraft, landed at noon  allowing some time for  lunch at the terminal while waiting others.

Ministers, Governor and the Young took great interest in the planes especially the Canadian turbo amphibian beaver standing tall on its pontoons.

Around 2 :30 a delegation of Anguilla’s Government officials  including the Honorable Prime Minister Hughes and  his Excellency the  Governor, Alistair Harrison accompanied by Minister of Finance and Director of Tourism Candice Niles arrived at the airport. And greeted us in a very friendly manner and with great enthusiasm .

Young students,  interested in aviation and anxious to see the planes arrived at the airport.

Lara Harmon and group of admirers

Lara Harmon and group of admirers

kids visit the airplanes

canadian RV10- Team Kristensen-Penner showing the young
Canadian RV10- Team Kristensen-Penner showing the young

Anguilla no doubt has  a definite interest in General aviation and welcomes all pilots from all over the world with open arms.

Customs procedures were very smooth. We proceeded by bus  to Beautiful Anguilla Great House. Received by Will Fleming, the owner of this beautiful property seating on a prime and valuable location,  by the famous Rendez-vous Bay overlooking St-Martin located a few miles across. We sincerely hope Will, will never give in to developers looking to build huge resorts in place of this family owned and so authentic Anguillan establishment.

Only half an hour to freshen up and off we go for a welcome reception,  a garden party in the  Governors residence beautiful garden surrounded by flowers and trees enjoying the music, great food and company.

Group picture at Governor's reception

What a wonderful way to start our visit to Anguilla.

Chris Harmon and Hans Plangger sail competition

Anguilla is wrapped in blue said Prime Minister Hughes. A perfect place to relax and enjoy the hospitality of the people and great food

Tuesday : We woke up to a  perfect day for sailing  ! Onboard, small hobbycats provided for the ground competition organized by  the Anguilla Youth Sailing Club. Anguilla’s interest in sports  is above the average.   While boat racing is their national sport, they have a passion for cricket, soccer, tennis, and cycling . Anguilla’s  sports clubs have a mission to expose the youth to various sports regardless of economic status

Some of us registered for the bicycle tour. Flat terrain, quiet side roads and one main road make it easy to get around. Our cycling tour guide was actually a champion of the world Game.

Cyclist and boaters met at  the popular Johnno’s beach restaurant by the marina for lunch.  After lunch we enjoyed a tour of the island.

Group picture at reception with Tourism Chairman Mr. Guinard and Director Mrs. Niles(right)

Anguilla Great House grounds

The day ended  with a farewell party at  old Caribe bar and restaurant at the Anguilla  Great house.  Tourism Chairman, Eustace Guishard and Candis Niles Eustace Director and tourism, our hosts, joined us for the evening.

Thank you Anguilla for allowing us to discover your beautiful island

Another great Caribbean adventure is ahead…. Grenada

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